I am the Luckiest Fish

I’m the Luckiest Fish because I get to do this full time.  

After many failures and some moderate success, this will be my proudest new-born business.  Starting a new business is almost like having a child, which would make me a pretty bad parent. 

My analogy about having children, as with starting a business, use to be that you should have many.  Strength in numbers.  You cannot possibly put all the pressure of success on only one child.  This is South Afrika; you have to hedge those bets!  Body shaming, bullying, dangerous sports and a young drinking age leaves too much room for bad decisions and even worse outcomes.  I’d say the odds are around 1 out of 4, wouldn’t you agree?  Like many of the frivolous statements that I make, this one did not prove to be true, in my experience at least, with regards to a business.

A new business and idea require full-time laser focus for it to have a chance to succeed.  This would have been sound advice for my 28-year-old self.  ADHD, OCD and some moderate to high levels of substance abuse probably didn’t help my concentration levels.  Some years later the penny has dropped, and I have embraced the one child only idea.  Almost like China.  The one.  Giving it, you're All, ALL your money, All your time and All your love and attention.  Moreover, the spare room.

Like Pinky and the Brain, doing what we do every night, trying to take over the world, by starting in Johannesburg.

What the hell does Luckiest Fish do?

We aim to provide the most amazing and unique South Africa products.  We will also expose the businesses and people that have the guts to do something incredible, by making these products.  People with courage, foresight and the ability to overcome daily angst, panic and an overwhelming sense of despair before breakfast, namely South African Entrepreneurs! 

This will include us, and I aim to give you perhaps a little inside info as to our story and progress, and success.  Inspirational speakers and couches like Tony Robbins will tell you to be thankful for success before having achieved it, or money doesn’t bring happiness, but happiness brings money.  I’ll keep you posted!

We do have much more to offer you than only providing lovely people with lovely stuff.  The normal hipster list of artisanal activities and interests apply such as making booze, kombucha, food, books, podcasts, entertainment and your mamma, general day to day comments about our little patch of dirt called South Africa.

Now, ask yourself, my son, are you the Luckiest Fish?

Stay interesting…

Words that are both singular and plural:  Fish, Dice, Jeans, Mullet, Pyjamas, Passionfruit, Police, Tweezers, Spacecraft

Music: Jay-Z, On To The Next One

Podcast:  The Joe Rogan Experience – Episode # 725 – Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson, http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/graham-hancock-randall-carlson

 Luckiest Fish

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