Indalo Wooden Bags and Backpacks

We are proud to announce that Luckiest Fish is now the official sales partner of Indalo Decor in Johannesburg. 

Indalo Decor is an industrial design and manufacturing company. Our products are consumed in fashion, early childhood development and hospitality industries. We were founded in 2012 by Inga Gubeka in Cape Town. In response to the growth of the township economy, we moved our manufacturing site in 2016 to Tembisa, a township in Gauteng Province. Our vision is to be a global leader in wooden bags and industrial designed products. We believe that we are well positioned to not only lead but to also close the gap between industry and schools.

Indalo Decor is managed by Malusi and Lethabo  Ramotshela. The married couple have been involved in Indalo Decor since it was established. They have applied skills and experience in chemical and mechanical engineering to develop the wooden bags and to introduce new products from up cycled wood, in new industries.